Proposition 8 Dishonor Roll - Starring CT

Via Californians Against Hate:

Below is a list of the Top 12 contributors to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign that took away marriage equality in California. Click on the names for more information.

  1. Knights of Columbus, New Haven, CT $1,425,000
  2. Howard Ahmanson, Jr., Irvine, CA
    Fieldstead & Co.
  3. John Templeton, Bryn Mawr, PA
    John Templeton Foundation, Chairman/President
  4. National Organization for Marriage,
    Princeton, NJ
  5. Alan Ashton, Lindon, UT
  6. Terry Caster & Family, San Diego, CA
  7. Robert Hurtt, Orange, CA
  8. Focus On the Family, Colorado Springs, CO
  9. American Family Association, Tupelo, MS
  10. Claire Reiss, La Jolla, CA
    Reisung Enterprises
  11. Elsa Prince, Holland, MI
  12. Concerned Women for America, Washington DC

Just so as you know...

Who are they kidding here?

From the NY Times - 7th paragraph of the article:

The bill also would increase the borrowing authority for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to $100 billion from $30 billion, a move that will save banks billions of dollars by reducing the extra premiums that they would have had to pay to shore up the deposit insurance fund.

Title of the article:

Senate Approves Measure to Reduce Home Foreclosures

And the relief for home foreclosures?

The new Senate bill does not include additional money to aid mortgage borrowers, but it does draw $2.3 billion from the Treasury’s $700 billion financial bailout fund for various provisions.

This is a joke:
Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut and chairman of the banking committee, said at a news conference after the vote. “The bill does other things, but certainly, a major target is to deal with peoples’ housing issues and try to stem the tide.”
Another $70,000,000,000.00 giveaway to the banks and measly 2.3 Billion dollars taken from the already pissed away 700 billion is about helping homeowners? And no cramdown either.

Note to the NY Times and Sen. Chris Dodd:
A fine fuck you to you two, too!


Meaningless Ramblings

As promised to dickday in comment... "As a reward for these few minutes of distraction from the daily rut I promise that my next post will be nearly pointless. :)"

I like to play with photoshop sometimes...

The little pieces of nothings that I have done pale in comparison to some of the greats out there. The amount of time that I have to put into doing just a crappy photoshop amazes me and has given me an even greater appreciation for what some these artists do. Some of the Bloggers that I read regularly (near daily, If I have the time) are darned good at snark, humor and playing with internet scissors.

Take DistributorCap's work for example:

Or one of the greats, Tengrain:

Anyways... Tengrain calls his Blogging friends, his regular readers, scissorheads and, yes, I am proudly a scissorhead. It is an apt moniker since most of us really enjoy seeing the great work being done out there.

I have 4 kids but I am going to introduce you to my youngest daughter (Connecticut Kid3 - she is 5) in a video I took a few months ago... I figured that since dickday has sound, well, now he can enjoy video:

I think she may turn out to be just like Daddy...

And I hope that this was meaningless enough of a post to satisfy my debt to dickday...


At the Bronx Zoo: The Animals are Getting the Pink Slip

The Bronx Zoo is facing some serious cutbacks that could leave some endangered species looking for a new home:

What an example of skewed priorities. Mayor Bloomberg raised two taxes to ensure there will be 500 new cops on the streets of New York this year. There are 5.3 police officers for every 1,000 New Yorkers but there is only one World of Darkness and many of the inhabitants are endangered species. Thanks to Bloomberg's thirty-three percent cut in city funding to the zoo, children will no longer learn that "when the sun goes down most of the world's animals wake up."


Why does the zoo deserve special treatment in these harsh times? In a city that claims there is no money left for adequate mass transportation or even food stamps for that matter asking for special consideration for a living museum may seem unreasonable but the zoo preforms a far more important service than the storage of a few animals. They are devoted to educating generations that will understand why we should make our responsibility to endangered species a priority and work to protect wildlife.

A little action item for the Bronx Zoo:

A big reason New York is the number one city on the planet is its cultural institutions. Those institutions, including the Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium, provide:

  • a top visitor destination
  • education for millions of children
  • employment for New Yorkers, and
  • vital support for the New York City economy

You were the difference in helping our institutions get their State funding restored-but we still need your help with City funding! This is a critical time to make your voice heard during the budget process.

Help Restore City Funding to the
Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium!

If you go there they will help you write an email to Mayor Bloomberg and point you in the right direction to send it off...