This is what you did!

Pollitical accountability, huh?

If you really want to find out who supported bush and the RNC with their money (A sure sign of who they voted for, right?) in the last election I have a link that will lead you to some of their supporters...


Fundrace Neighbor Search - ignore the lawn signs, see which candidates your neighbors really support

Click on the link, enter your zip, and presto!
A list of some local donors to political campaigns.

The list may not be complete, but it is a good starting point if you want to send a letter of reccomendation that THEY, OR SOMEONE IN THEIR FAMILY SHOULD ENLIST! I found about 8 people in my town that need to know they have yet been held accountable.

Yes, this is what you call accountability.

Atrios recently had a link a link to an interesting Blog by Driftglass (I think it is a crossposted Blog) in response to a Blog on the Downing Street Minutes (OK, so they refered to a memo, but I am fixing that mistake to be kind!)

An excellent read!

"Here's what you said,
and here's what you did.
You were wrong.

The mantra of this campaign could be:

"This what you did,
and this is what happened.
You were wrong.

Heck... you could even request an infopack direct from the Army for them! Just fill in their name and address there, the Army will mail it to them. (Make sure you ask about 11x, 11b, 11m, etc., series work because that is Infantry)

Of course... You might want to do a letter in the name of George W. Bush! (Certainly anonomously, at the minimum) Let them know that bush needs THEM! Maybe even bush could get a letter suggesting his daughters enlist?