An Arizona Minutemen Group Folds

Apparently, either they were shocked that people answered their calls to violence or they are broke from their profiteering leaderships' greed.

The only question in my mind is "how will they reincarnate their particular brand of crazy?" Because as long as there are crazy people around there will always be someone around willing to take advantage of them for political advancement and/or personal profit.


Welcome Back To The New and Improved New Milford Brewery

This is just a switch over to the new Blogger In Draft Templates... But I plan on overhauling the place more, installing some better vats, dusting off the mugs and shot glasses. Be careful as you wander around and try not to knock over the cases of empties over on the side bar because recycling broken glass is a real pain.

And don't be shy to let me know if you think the fonts are darned near impossible to read or something. That is, if you can even read this? :)

Eric Cantor: "Dem Thugs Did This To Me!"

From Jed Lewison:
It's clear from the Richmond police statement that Cantor's office was not directly targeted. Rather, an office that he has used in the past (but not his main campaign office) was randomly struck by a bullet that had been fired into the sky.

I'm not minimizing the dangers of randomly shooting bullets into the air, but for Eric Cantor to describe this as an attack targeting his campaign office is supremely dishonest, an obvious attempt to deflect attention from Republican Party's violent and extreme rhetoric in recent days.

Next thing you know, Cantor will be claiming a backwards B was carved in his face.
Shorter Eric Cantor:  

"Dem Thugs Did This To Me!"

Actually, Mr. No, I am a little "i" indy. :)