McMahon Gushes Over Deregulating Oil

McMahon Campaign Literature
From TheDay.com
According to The Day and at the same time that we are witnessing the results of the typical Republican deregulation-run-amok of anything that moves money to these Multinational Oil Corporations wash in ashore as tar balls and dead dolphins on American shorelines, GOP Senate candidate wannabe Linda McMahon spews about further deregulation of the oil industry?

I can think of better ways to solve our energy problems than coating the country from coast to coast along with our food sources with more oil slicks.


The Root Of The Problem: Education

From former New Milford raised a glass and brewed Todd Umbarger and without further comment since it says enough on its own (and I could add an essay to this BUT...) :

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With previous permission from Todd Umbarger.
Todd is a New York-based illustrator and draws the political cartoon "National Concern."