Schmidt and Her DOM in OHIO

Conservatives get a behind the scenes view of what to expect from Schmidt if she wins...
Daily Kos :: Comments OH-2: The Commercial, The Poll, "Swift Boating" & the Pivot:

Yesterday, some of us who emailed the Schmidt campaign got mailbox full returns which pointed to campaign manager Joe Brauns real email address: deanofcorn@aol.com

Some of us did a google search on "deanofcorn" which returned 3 entries. The one in Canada is a mistype, it should have been "dean of com...merce", the M got spliced into a rn.

The only other 2 entries were for a "deanofcorn" user ID for the Scioto County, Ohio GOP and then this BDSM "deanofcorn" solicitation from Cincinnati "I am an experienced Dom seeking a sub for long term exploration and training."

Joe Braun (Schmidt's campaign manager) has the email address deanofcorn@aol.com, and the same deanofcorn user ID for the Cincinnati area GOP site. Its obvious that the BDSM deanofcorn in Cincinnati (the only other reference to deanofcorn on the net) is him. If any further evidence is needed, this article he authored in college puts him at the same age as the individual who likes to perform 'medical exams'.


Now the only thing left to see is if Braun and Schmidt will air some video of their backroom meetings where he "whips" her into shape for the election?

Is there little wonder that the republican party is bringing in another $750,000 from the national level to try and buy her out of this?

Yep... The GOP is a slave to their own hypocrisy!

Hackett is an honorable soldier that served his country. As a Vet, I can appreciate that.

Schmidt is just a subservient low-life that surrounds herself with SCUM.

And the GOP has the nerve to run another "swifty" campaign on Hackett?

Conservative voters of OHIO:


The Ohio GOP is as corrupt as any of the ones in Texas or DC. You know it, and the nation knows it.

I am an independent and even I would chose Hackett over that scumbucket Schmidt.

Rove and Libby's Treason

pontificator noted that "at least a half dozen CIA and State department officials have spoken with prosecutors. " Given the testimony of Bill Harlow, a CIA spokesman Novak used to try and confim Valerie Plame Wilson's status in the CIA, it is apparent that none of the GOP talking points about her status at the CIA make any sense at all. Harlow made it plainly clear that Novak had a CIA "NO-go!!" on the story not once, but even a second time after confirming Mrs. Wilson's status as an undercover operator.
Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net: "Harlow, the former CIA spokesman, said in an interview yesterday that he testified last year before a grand jury about conversations he had with Novak at least three days before the column was published. He said he warned Novak, in the strongest terms he was permitted to use without revealing classified information, that Wilson's wife had not authorized the mission and that if he did write about it, her name should not be revealed.

Harlow said that after Novak's call, he checked Plame's status and confirmed that she was an undercover operative. He said he called Novak back to repeat that the story Novak had related to him was wrong and that Plame's name should not be used. But he did not tell Novak directly that she was undercover because that was classified.

In a column published Oct. 1, 2003, Novak wrote that the CIA official he spoke to 'asked me not to use her name, saying she probably never again will be given a foreign assignment but that exposure of her name might cause 'difficulties' if she travels abroad. He never suggested to me that Wilson's wife or anybody else would be endangered. If he had, I would not have used her name.'"

Since Novak certainly knew the CIA said NO to the story twice it is pretty apperent that Novak should have known what he was doing was illegal at that point.

I guess some people think they should be above the law when it comes to weakening our national security. I can only hope that, after their corpses are released from jail, rove, libby, novak, and any of the other conspirators, enjoy their trip straight to hell for their little "GOP campaign to smear Wilson and the CIA" treason against America.


Santorum: The Village Idiot

Apparently some people in PA have a problem with the moral values Rick Santorum is teaching his kids, as well as the rest of America.
Letters to the editor: 7/21/05:
Not moral messages

As a teacher for the Diocese of Pittsburgh for 14 years, one important lesson I learned was that no matter what I said to the child, whatever the parents said superseded my message. What parents say and how they live sends a message stronger than any teacher's voice no matter what the issue.

Sen. Rick Santorum and his wife have taught their children a powerful lesson on civic responsibility by refusing to pay any tuition money to the Penn Hills School District for their children who attended the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School ('Penn Hills Loses Bid to Charge Santorum,' July 12). Released from that payment on a technicality shows that even an upstanding, moral gentleman like Sen. Santorum teaches his children the following lessons:

1) Take advantage of the system whenever you can.

2) The little guy pays while the rich and powerful guy gets away with it.

3) As a Catholic, you have no obligation to pay your share to the common good in spite of Catholic social doctrine.

Finally, I am shocked that our religious leaders who see Sen. Santorum as some sort of faith-and-morals hero have not spoken up on this issue at all.

Sisters for Christian Community

Thank you for doing your part Sister Liguori, since we all know it takes a village to raise an idiot, and Lord knows Santorum is an idiot!

Something About Sharm El-Sheik?

You know what? I have read about 15 different stories from various papers in the USA and around the world BUT there is one part of the story that all of them seem to leave out of it. Something I have personal experience with concerning Sharm El-Sheik.

If you click on the link (don't forget to watch the 20 second video there!) you might get an idea what I am talking about.

MFO Southcamp

Don't you think this is a MAJOR EFFIN PART OF THE STORY?

MFO Southcamp

The smaller South Camp, near Sharm el Sheikh on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, is situated on a bluff overlooking the Red Sea.� The camp contains all facilities normally required to support a reinforced battalion sized military unit.

I knew as soon as I started scrolling through one story after another that you would not find any of this reported.

US Contingent

The United States Army provides the single largest contingent to the MFO based at both North and South Camp.

The different activities provided by Task Force HQ, Support Battalion and US Battalion are described in the links above.

Why would the MSM care that there are always American soldiers stationed in Sharm?

Is this a part of the story that might of interested you?

Do you really think that tourists were the "only" targets?

I know, I know... A lot of very wealthy Europpean, American, and Middle East OIL magnates go there often. It is a resort town for the extremely FILTHY RICH... But do any of you think that maybe, just maybe, Gambling Saudi princes and tourists were not the only targets?


Frist's Torturous Decision

If there was ever any question about who is supporting the soldiers, well, the Army Times had no problems figuring this out. They point out how alarmed Dems are that republicans would rather pander to special interest groups like the NRA instead of making the important decisions while we are supposed to be a nation at war.
Army Times - News - More News: "By Rick Maze
Times staff writer

Senate Republican leaders decided Tuesday that a gun manufacturers’ liability bill is more important than next year’s $441.6 billion defense authorization bill.

With Democrats expressing amazement that there could be any higher legislative priority in a time of war than the annual defense bill that includes money for pay and benefits, operations and maintenance, and weapons’ purchases and research, Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee, the Senate Republican leader, decided Tuesday that a bill protecting gun manufacturers from lawsuits over the illegal use of firearms was a higher priority.

The decision came after Republican leaders failed to muster the 60 votes needed to prevent amendments not strictly related to the defense budget from being offered to the defense bill.

In a count of 50-48, seven Republicans joined Democrats in voting not to restrict debate, a move that Democratic leaders said would have prevented consideration of amendments to help veterans and survivors of deceased service members, along with other issues."

It is really important to understand that this effort to push back the bill is less about the funding for the war and more about getting more important rich elitist agendas to the floor quickly:
With Congress planning to leave town Friday for one-month break, debate on S 397, Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, is expected to last two or three days, and then Senate leaders plan to take up an energy bill, an estate tax reform bill and an Interior Department funding bill

A hat tip to QWQ, who had this note about Frist's torturous decision to sidetrack this:
Also, several folks have noted in the comments that pandering to the NRA is not the only reason the Republicans wanted to delay the Defense Authorization bill -- the White House also wanted to avoid showdowns on detainee treatment and military base closings. The new AP story has that angle, as does this CBS edited version of the original AP story.

Oh, yeah... The bushies don't want to give up their right to torture innocent Iraqis that are held along with the few terrorists in captivity... Go figure, huh? Apparently the republican controlled Senate doesn't work any better in making us safer than torture does at getting useful intel.

Better dead than red...

In homage to her political roots developed in her formative years in Russia Coulter not only dates herself as a really old fart, but offers up this scathing opinion of Roberts:
Welcome to AnnCoulter.com:
"Since the announcement, court-watchers have been like the old Kremlinologists from Soviet days looking for clues as to what kind of justice Roberts will be. "

Coulter went on to discuss the possibility that Roberts would have to:

"perform an abortion during his confirmation hearing, live, on camera, and preferably a partial-birth one."

In my quest to carry a more balanced view of political pundits from the vast GOP spectrum of RED I would be remiss to skip over Rush's view on the candidate:
Rush transcript:
"The Democrats are having a tough time, and they are going to have an impossible time, to oppose the man on anything having to do with any kind of substance."

While we question Oxy-Rush about issues of substance we had no idea that this is an issue we should take up with Roberts?

"But I think what they are going to do, as I said last night, what they are going to do is try to derail the guy at the hearings on the basis of, "He won't answer our questions,""

Well Rush... Does he do drugs like you?
"We don't have much on record of Judge Roberts."

So Rush finally admits that Roberts has a record. OK.... At least we no longer need to clear that up.

Hannity, not wanting to be outdone by his RED friends in demonstrating that "up is down and black is white", had this comment about Roberts on "Hannity and Colmes":
Hannity Transcript:
"Liberals seem convinced that Roberts abortion — seems anti- abortion to them"

My only questions here are:
Was he on drugs when the abortion occured and does his wife know about this particular abortion? If she does not know, than: How much drugs was she on when the abortion happened?


BTC News � Vermont GOP candidate: Impeach Bush

Just when I was starting to think that there isn't even one honest republican left in this country BTCNEWS had to blow that theory out of the water:

BTC News » Vermont GOP candidate: Impeach Bush:
— weldon berger @ 12:33 pm
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Vermont Republican Dennis Morrisseau wants two things: To fill the House seat being vacated by long-time Congressman Bernie Sanders — Sanders is planning a run for the Senate — and to impeach George W. Bush."

It is pretty funny that there are so few real conservatives in the GOP that are patriotic enough to point out how messed up their party is right now.

The bush legacy of being the "Benedict Arnold administration" is a lock for the history books. Eventualy real conservatives will figure it out.

Morrisseau said he imagines there is a lot of soul-searching going on among the Republicans who continue to support Bush.

“If you’re an old and decent Republican and politics takes a 180 in your country, it sometimes takes a while to tell what you ought to do. It took me a while. I’ve been at this for years.”

Go on over and check out more on this story and others from BTCNEWS.