Straight Talk About McCain Lies

One ad after another from the McCain campaign and they just can't quit lying. America can do better than repeats of the failure of the Bush administration. America can do better than the lying John McCain:


McCain VS Palin - GOP bumble-rumble

Via BarbinMD at dKos, watch the two GOP wingnuts, John neocon McCain and Sarah secessionist Palin, unwittingly beat the crap out of each other:

Prepare yourself for the greatest ideological match-up of the century! No, it's not Obama versus McCain, it's McCain versus Palin. Let's get ready to ruuummmbbbllle...

This was John McCain, late last year on why he was qualified to be the president:

I am prepared. I need no on-the-job training. I wasn't a mayor for a short period of time. I wasn't a governor for a short period of time.

And here is Sarah Palin last night on why she is ready to be a 72-year old heartbeat away from the presidency:

Charlie, again, we've got to remember what the desire is in this nation at this time. It is for no more politics as usual and somebody's big, fat resume maybe that shows decades and decades in that Washington establishment, where, yes, they've had opportunities to meet heads of state.

So there you have it. The ultimate he said, she said. John McCain explained why Sarah Palin isn't qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, and Sarah Palin explained why John McCain doesn't represent change, just more of the same old politics as usual.


On 911 - Remembering the McCain neoCON

It is 911... And 7 years later it is still being pumped out as some kind of fear mongering neocon campaign wet dream and used as a GOP trademarked slogan in order to instill fear and faux patriotism in the populace. While less and less people by the "fear! FEAR! FEAR!" campaign anymore it is important to remember why we have not been able to catch bin Laden. The clusterfuck known as Iraq. The GOP, and John McCain in particular, have been using 911 to justify an illegal invasion and occupation since before it even happened.

On the morning of the 9/11, just moments after the World Trade Center collapsed from the terrorist strikes, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) went on television and immediately began focusing the nation’s attention on Iraq. In an interview with CBS’ Dan Rather on 9/11, McCain said:

To be honest with you, Dan, I never thought that an operation of this sophistication and size would take place. I just never did. But I don’t think there’s any doubt that there are countries — Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea and others — who we know engage in proliferation of — of capabilities and, from time to time, involve themselves in state-sponsored terrorism. But never did we imagine on a scale such as this.

The next day, on 9/12, McCain reiterated the point in an interview with Chris Matthews. “It isn’t just Afghanistan,” he said, “we’re talking about Syria, Iraq, Iran, perhaps North Korea, Libya and others.”

Just a few weeks later — on Oct. 9, 2001 — McCain narrowed his focus, arguing that Iraq was “obviously” next:

PAULA ZAHN: And as you know, Senator, the U.S. and Great Britain notified the U.N. Security Council yesterday that they reserve the right to strike against other countries in this campaign. What countries are we looking at?

MCCAIN: Well, I think very obviously Iraq is the first country, but there are others — Syria, Iran, the Sudan, who have continued to harbor terrorist organizations and actually assist them.

On Oct. 18, 2001, McCain told David Letterman, “the second phase is Iraq” while linking Iraq to the anthrax attacks.

I'll remember the dead and their surviving family and friends in a quiet and respectful manner that they deserve. I'll never forget the Middle Eastern Terrorists that did this, neither will I forget the foreign policy failures that created the hate in those countries. Policies like pimping illegal invasions and occupations. And I will NEVER EVER forget the kind of people, people like John McCain and other Bush administration neonconservative minions, that are still pushing for more of this kind of foreign policy failure.

As a tribute to some of the real heroes on 911, the policemen and firemen that risked or gave up their lives on 911, you won't see pictures of the twin towers here. No pictures of the death and destruction of that day. Nor will you see any of the flag waving testimonies to faux patriotism. I would rather point you to a local program that the fire department runs as a service to the youth of the community. A testimony to the fact that these men and women are every day heroes, not just when faced with the adversity of a tragic accident or dangerous rescues.

"What are you gonna do for this country, pal?"

Craig Ferguson wants to know from the candidates what they are going to do for this country. I do too. The media is failing us, yet again, in this important election with their tabloid coverage of everything. He talks about trying to sell the idea of voting to the younger generation:

On the Sept. 10th edition of The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, a new American citizen preparing to vote in his first US election asks, "Are we so lost we have to be sold our own democratic right!?"

Watch it... Ferguson is correct in every aspect of what he talks about:


More Bigoted Atrocities at FOX

From The Hill:
Even by the low standards of the Republican News Network, this morning's attack on Rachel Maddow, on the Fox News network, as a "lesbian Air America host" was a despicable new low. Those words, an open appeal to bigotry and hate, said by an alleged media analyst named Tim Graham, were met with laughter and chortles by the Fox News team on air. This is sick and despicable stuff, even for Fox News.

Here is a message to Barack Obama: You need to spend more time fighting back against the lies and smears of a Swift Boat campaign more ugly than the campaign against John Kerry, and less time having sweet-talk meetings with Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes followed by professorial discourse with Bill O'Reilly. This is war, Barack, and you had better fight back.

The sickness and dementia of a purported news network airing with smug laughs and happy chortles a naked appeal to hatred and bigotry in this attack on "a lesbian Air America host" is a low that even a Republican cable organization like Fox should never stoop to.
Crooks and Liars has the video up in order to document another in the long line of FOX atrocities. Bear in mind that FOX actually pays this guy to spout these bigoted views. Recently there was a lot of mediocre right wing Traditional Media bashing on the emergence of Keith Olbermann as the MSNBC go-to-guy:
Mr. Olbermann, a 49-year-old former sportscaster, has become the face of the more aggressive MSNBC, and the lightning rod for much of the criticism. His program “Countdown,” now a liberal institution, was created by Mr. Olbermann in 2003 but it found its voice in his gnawing dissent regarding the Bush administration, often in the form of “special comment” segments.

As Mr. Olbermann raised his voice, his ratings rose as well, and he now reaches more than one million viewers a night, a higher television rating than any other show in the troubled 12-year history of the network. As a result, his identity largely defines MSNBC. “They have banked the entirety of the network on Keith Olbermann,” one employee said.
It makes sense given the fact that in the last while KO has regularly pummeled the wingnut at Fox that ran at the same time in the most lucrative demographics. What pisses off the far right wingnuts about KO and, even at times, Chris Matthews? They have a habit of occasionally pointing out the obvious:
On the final night of the Republican convention, after MSNBC televised the party’s video “tribute to the victims of 9/11,” including graphic footage of the World Trade Center attacks, Mr. Olbermann abruptly took off his journalistic hat.

“I’m sorry, it’s necessary to say this,” he began. After saying that the video had exploited the memories of the dead, he directly apologized to viewers who were offended. Then, sounding like a network executive, he said it was “probably not appropriate to be shown.”

Get your fear on little GOPeeons...
The desperation suits you well.

Because, unlike KO or Chris Matthews, who are likely nothing more than typical moderate conservatives that lean Democratic in their personal politics, Rachel Maddow is, IMHO, even closer to actually being a full-blown honest-to-God liberal. We know that has you wetting your pants on the spot. That is what the attacks on her are all about.

I watched Rachel's new show last night... And it was good. A few tweaks in time and Rachel Maddow's show could very well surpass all of the other cable news networks shows in ratings because it has been so long since there has been this kind of voice on any of those channels.

The American people are starving for this kind of truth to power editorializing from the failing punditocracy.

And where the Edward R. Murrow award winning - for his work in the aftermath of 911 - Keith Olbermann's ratings successes as MSNBC's flagship show have only scratched the surface of this serious problem, I believe that Rachel Maddow's show will tear a gaping wound open in the fallacy that is force fed like pablum to the brownshirt wingnuts at FOX trying to paint a false picture of Americans being conservative.

American politicians being crammed down the citizens' throats may be more conservative... But American citizens being more liberal than than any of the politicians and most of the TV news available have proven to be fed up with that situation.

The simple fact that Blogosphere is dominated by the left - Yes! COMPLETELY DOMINATED BY THE LEFT as all of the biggest and most popular political Blogs are left leaning.

  1. 1.
  2. 12.
  3. 22.

    Think Progress » Home Page

    Hard hitting progressive political news site

Very few of the right wingnut Blogs even come close to the top left Blogs - which tells you all you need to know about the leanings of American activists, voters and citizens. Hopefully it will not be long before the true voices of the people are dominating the news cycles again.

This may scare the hell out of the far right wingnuts and many in the media, spurring their vicious attacks and fear mongering on even further with their formulaic poison pill of feeding into the scared and bigoted viewers they rely on.

In the end, and as the failed Traditional Media becomes more and more exposed to the viewers - the citizens that the Media are supposed to speak truth to power for - for what they truly are, we can only hope they will change their ways, hope they will stop flacking for corporations and talking point politicians and hope they will stop working against the real interests of Americans or they will continue to slip into the obscurity of failure and irrelevancy that they have epitomized in their spiraling downfall.

I would gladly return to the days of reading the newspapers and watching the news if they were truly representative of the people's interests. I would love nothing more than to return to doing more of my favorite things to do before I had to start Blogging in order to help spread the truth. And while I cannot save the reckless Traditional Media nor their corporate masters from themselves, I can be happy when there is just a little shift away from their past failures... And I will continue to tune in to the shows like Countdown or the new Rachel Maddow show that do try and do this, that do speak the truth to power.

And it will show in their ratings. And that is the bottom line of it all, isn't it?

Don't mind the clutter!

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McCain Touts Pork Barrel Queen As Reformer

This video from TPM is great:

What can you say about John McCain when everyone across the nation is pointing out the lies his lobyist bought'n'paid-for campaign is putting into Sarah Palin's lipstick place holder?

The McCain camp has made her signature issue shutting down the Bridge to Nowhere. But as The New Republic put it today that's just "a naked lie." And pretty much the same thing has been written today in Newsweek, the Washington Post, the AP, the Wall Street Journal. Yesterday even Fox's Chris Wallace called out Rick Davis on it. (Do send more examples when you find them.)

On earmarks she's an even bigger crock. On the trail with McCain they're telling everyone that she's some kind of earmark slayer when actually, when she was mayor and governor, in both offices, she requested and got more earmarks than virtually any city or state in the country.

Think about that. On the stump, not a single word that comes out of her mouth -- or not a single word that the McCain folks put in her mouth -- is anything but a lie.
McCain's speech writers keep having her saying she said "No thanks!" to the "Bridge to Nowhere" - a straight up lie - and the reality is that she took every single penny of the money and spent it elsewhere.

I'll say one thing about the McCain-Palin Campaign:
They are consistent... Liars.

But that is just what we have come to expect from Bush and neocon minions in the GOP. It is all they have left to offer America.


Connecticut GOP Vandals Afraid Of Obama Signs?

If John McCain's campaign is afraid of Obama signs, how can we expect their sorry criminal asses to deal with terrorists?
About a month ago I put an Obama campaign sign at the end of my driveway. I live in Connecticut, so I didn't expect anything to come of this. But, my sign disappeared after about a week. So, I went online, and I ordered 5 more. You know, to prepare for more disappearances and to qualify for the first quantity discount tier.

Feeling bold, I put two signs at the end of my driveway. A week later, they were gone as well. That was last Friday (before Labor Day). I was angry enough to report it to the police. They took my information, and were very professional. They treated me as if my complaint was legit - not just being an annoyance to them. I mean, I don't expect them to recover my stolen property, nor do I expect them to find the culprit(s) really. But I wanted it on record that this had happened, and I didn't like it. After the officer left, I put up a new sign (just one this time).

This morning, I saw this scene at the end of my driveway:

Don't these people realize that all they are accomplishing by doing this is forcing me to give the Obama campaign more money to send me more signs???

Another call to the police. Another cordial visit from the local police. Another new Obama sign now stands at the end of my driveway.

While the Connecticut GOP backers of John McCain are too busy peeing their pants over yard signs and vandalizing other Nutmeggers property using old style plays taken from the Karl Rove book on the dirty tricks school of politics...

Obama supporters from the Democratic party, and unaffiliated little "i" indies like myself are too busy working for real change to play these CT GOPers childish games.

The fact that the Republican party has absolutely nothing to offer anyone in Connecticut is scaring the crap out of their supporters. Joe Biden nailed it when he talked about the craptacular mass of mediocre quips as distractions that the GOP has resorted to in order to avoid the real problems that the incompetent GOP has created: