Are Podcasts the next frontier for Blogs?

Always up for a new challenge, some political Bloggers are trying to take on the next frontier of Blogging by getting their messages out in podcasts. For every iPod, Zen, or other MP3 players sold out there in the marketplace the potential target for your political messages grows.

I know! I know...

You are not as technologically savvy as the average 13 year old . My daughter can effortlessly use every electronic/computerized device in our house while I can barely take care of my pet rock. I think it stopped rolling over and died a while back but I am too afraid to take it to a geologist and have it looked at for fear of the diagnosis. ("I'm sorry Stephen. Your rock was low in iron and died of anemeia years ago...") The truth is there is a good chance that if you had to do more than click-N-go on the net you would never have found this diary.


I was surfing the net a while back and came across a great resource (The Buzz Log) for those of you that may have thought about podcasting your Blogs but didn't have a clue how to go about it. It covers the basics of what podcasting is all about and can help you get started.

Bloggers are already starting to get ahead of the curve of the print media when it comes to analysing the news and politics. Now we have the technology available to take on the the radio and television pundits at our fingertips, and to help us reach out to the next generation of political activists.

Now, before you leave and start clicking your way into what I believe will be the future of Blogging... Does anyone know a geologist that will see patients on an outcall basis?

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Tuesday January 24, 2006 3:00AM PT

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