2010 New Milford Awards - Your Vote Counts!

Grab a beverage and help us toast another banner year in New Milford history. While we won't be applauding most of the award winners, we can still say "cheers" as we raise our glass to their achievements. Make like Bridgeport: vote early, vote late, no official ballot necessary, and write-in nominations are welcome!

Favorite Republican Dirty Trick
* Appointing Dem. Rod Weinberg to BOE
* NMBudgetFacts.com (anonymous - or was it?)
* NMBudgetFacts.com roadside signs (also anonymous - or was it?)
* Mayor and Szendy claim no raises for employees - then attempt to grant raises three months later

Best Example of Gutless Public Service
* Town Council Republicans silent vote to reduce school budget by $1.8 million
* Ray O'Brien's "Civility Rule" attempt to limit free speech
* Walter Bayer failing to second a motion by his fellow Dem. council member
* Mayor Murphy unable to say whether or not she supported her budget at the Annual Town Budget Meeting

Clueless is an Understatement Award
* Mayor Murphy for not doing any homework in a failed attempt to pass an ordinance to control the BOE's purchasing policy (The BOE's purchasing policy was better than the town's!)
* BOE Member Bill Wellman for being on the board nearly three years and not understanding how field trips are funded by the PTO (even though it's on the agenda every meeting!)
* BOE member Lynnette Rigdon (no explanation necessary)
* Roger Szendy states concern that the new Economic Development Corporation could vote themselves salaries of $100,000 (Yes, and they could vote themselves a trip to Mars, too)

Worst Person in the Town Award
* TC member Ray O'Brien for his "Civility Rule," and claiming that approving a 0% teacher's contract was like having a gun held to his head
* Mayor Murphy for not supporting her budget for the first time in 7 years, and for claiming no raises for non-union employees and then claiming they were "in the budget" three months later
* The Entire RTC for not condemning it's members who organized NMbudgetfacts.com
* Walter Bayer for pretending to be a "D" while attending the RTC's Reagan Dinner and other "R" functions - and contributing money to the R's in the process

Vote Now - Vote Early - Vote Often! And don't forget your beverage to toast the winners. Cheers!