Wake Up and Smell the Roses

For those of you that even bother to tune in to the preznits stupid press conferences just to hear him repeat the same scripted responses to the questions nobody gives a damn about asking it is always refreshing when an "old school" reporter (The kind of reporter that actually asks the hard questions Americans want answers to!) like Helen Thomas push back even if bush completely ignores the actual questions.

After grilling Bush, Helen Thomas gets thousands of flowers

By Albert Eisele

The roses kept coming - and coming - and coming - to the Hearst Newspapers office in downtown Washington on Thursday, until they filled a large conference room to overflowing.

By the time the Federal Express delivery was complete, there were 108 dozen roses, nearly 1,300 in every color. They were the result of an e-mail campaign to show support for Hearst columnist Helen Thomas after she grilled President Bush about his Iraq policy at last week's White House news conference.


Thomas, the 85-year-old veteran White House journalist whose outspoken criticism of the Bush administration has drawn much hate mail from Bush supporters in recent years, said Friday that she was overwhelmed by the

avalanche of roses.

"It sure beats the brickbats," she said, referring to hundreds of vitriolic e-mails she's received since last week's encounter with Bush. "Some of them attack you ad hominem and call you a traitor and ask if you've ever been to Iraq," she said. "I think it's the frustration of those who are angry with me and take it out in e-mail. I think there should be a logical debate, but maybe that's not possible during an ongoing


Dear Helen Thomas,

The only people that think a debate is not possible at this time are the very few bush supporters left that know they have already lost any and all debate on this subject.

 You seem to be the only reporter that is willing to do what a reporter is supposed to do. Keep on asking the hard questions and pointing out the stupidity of this administration!



(AKA: Connecticutman1)

As for the rest of you so-called reporters, the clingons and turds, that love to carry water for the GOP: