Dan Malloy scores first in Danbury

Dan Malloy jumping off of the bench of the Danbury Whalers shortly after scoring the first goal in Whalers' history.

[update] I have an interview from after the game at TK's. Let me say, in advance, that he was a bit reluctunt to give it since I am a political blogger... But as a hockey fan I promised to make it about the real story: The first goal in Danbury Whalers' franchise history, his assist, and the team with no more mention about his family than "say hi to'em".  The young man is a team player. (Saw ctblogger at the game, as well, and he had his cam rolling so he may have some footage to add to the game story).


Throwing a Real Tea Party

Funny or Die pretty much sums up what we are dealing with when we talk about the Tea Party:

A slightly misogynist message (Probably a bit NSFW, too) to another aspect of the Tea Party that we have to deal with below...

Passed around on Facebook...

Reaganing - Even Liberals will Drink to This!

For a little levity during this political season, watch the 30 Rock episode titled "Reaganing." If you don't have access via on-demand, check it out:


There are tons of laughs, but the jelly bean bit will make any politico crack up! Enjoy...