Not that we should Wonder about McMahon's 5$ bounty...

But it kind of has to make ya wonder what McMahons' real intentions were when she put a bounty on college students' registration:

DA to team with Secretary of State on voter registration probe

A Register investigation published Friday online and in Sunday’s newspaper exposed how signature gatherers circulating petitions had tricked young Orange County voters into registering to vote as Republicans. Since mid-March, at least 99 written complaints have been submitted to state elections officials by Orange County residents who say they were registered to vote Republican without their consent.

An independent Register investigation found an additional 74 voters who say they were tricked or coerced into registering to vote as Republican by signature gatherers who initially asked them to sign petitions to legalize marijuana, fight cancer or clean up beaches.

All of the voters identified by the Register are listed as under 28 years old and live in the 34th State Senate District, where the Republicans hope to oust incumbent Democrat Lou Correa in the fall. Unlike the Democrats, the California Republican Party has a policy of paying signature gatherers who send them new GOP voter registration cards and the Republicans are offering as much as $8 for each new GOP registration in that district.

Many believe this $8 bounty creates an incentive for signature gatherers to commit fraud.