Games Joe Wants Your Kids To Play

Via Scarce at MLN and talking about video games, and how Joe Lieberman wants to regulate them for their violent content:

While Joe talks about this issue, Joe Lieberman has taken money from violent video game producers.

But here is one violent video game that Joe is desperate to get your kids to play:
Welcome to the battlefield of the future!
F2C2 was created by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to help explain the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program to soldiers in an interactive environment. The game depicts the 18 FCS systems, all connected via the FCS System of Systems Common Operating Environment, supporting the 21st century soldier.

Although F2C2 is best experienced when the player has a working knowledge of Army concepts and terminology, anyone can play! F2C2 may seem hard at first if you haven’t had Army training, but there are tutorials available. Prepare to be challenged!

You can download this video game, designed to train soldiers, for free at the official US Army webpage. Take a look at at how realistic this game is:

It's not just that Joe wants your kids to play this realistic game... It is that he also wants your kids to go to Iraq and do this for real.

And there is the hypocrisy that is Joe Lieberman.


spazeboy said...

I only wish that scarce had put that video together. Sadly, it's the trailer for a real documentary.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I realized that after watching it again... It was another video that had the "scarce" logo at the end that I had just finished watching a few minutes after.

I fixed it though. And thanks for pointing it out.