Foley Muck!

A little more on the Foley Muck:
TPMmuckraker: "It's Official: Foley Report Sucked"

"[A] 91-page exercise in cowardice," a New York Times editorial thundered."The report’s authors were clearly more concerned about protecting the members of the House than the young men and women under their charge in the page program."

"What, one has to wonder, would it take for the House ethics committee to hold a lawmaker or a staff member accountable?" asked the Washington Post in its editorial, "The Buck Just Stopped." (The Wall Street Journal, however, pronounced the report "fair and sensible.")

Figure the odds that the "Money Party Daily Doh!" (AKA: The WSJ) would be giddy over this report. "Fair and sensible"??? Sure, it's fair and sensible just like McCain and Lieberman are "moderate and bipartisan"...

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