Where in the GOP is House Leader Hastert?

I had written the other day on the questionable skills of the Eggman, Matt Drudge.

Here is what I mean:

‘Vanishing’ Pelosi To Appear At Multiple Public Rallies Tomorrow

The right-wing media — including Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News — have launched a baseless campaign (already picked up by MSNBC) suggesting that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has gone into hiding before Tuesday’s election.

While Drudge, and other republican mouthpieces, repeat GOP talking points like the Rove parrots that they are, the real truth is that Nancy Pelosi has been doing interviews all over the place:

Pelosi has been featured in numerous public and media appearances recently. Two days ago, she appeared at a public rally with former President Clinton, portions of which aired on television, and in a feature interview on CNN. She also appeared in interviews on CNBC’s Kudlow & Company on 10/24, ABC’s Good Morning America and ABC’s World News Tonight on 10/26, and conducted interviews for profiles in the New York Times (10/30), Newsweek (10/23), and the Baltimore Sun (10/27).

Now let us get to heart of the real problem here: Hastert has not been seen or heard from since the Foley scandal exploded in Hastert's lying face. And the GOP talking points concerning Pelosi are only to distract from the recent Hastert revelations.

The real question is:

"Where is Denis Hastert?"

Is the (Foley) GOP hiding (Foley) him for some (Foley) reason in (Foley) particular?

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