Bayer Closing In West Haven

It is a bitter pill to swallow, but Connecticut continues to hemmorage high paying jobs on the heels of Jodi Rell's re-election.

Bayer To Close West Haven Facility
Bayer HealthCare said today it plans to close its research facility in West Haven, which employs an estimated 1,000 people.


Layoffs at the West Haven facility will start next year, but the company would not disclose how many. Personnel in the cancer research division will be the first to go, a company spokeswoman said. Some employees will be transferred to company sites in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, the spokeswoman said. The shutdown of the West Haven facility is expected to take about a year and a half, the company said.

You will have to ask Rell how many jobs at McDonalds and Walmart will be needed to replace the local economic cash flow generated by those 1000 Bayer jobs since almost all of her job creation has been low paying service jobs with few benefits.

Picturing Connecticut littered from end to end with fast food joints and big box retailers... And nobody will be able to afford an asparin for this massive headache because they won't have healthcare.

Thanks again Jodi!

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