Rumsfeld Resigns

Meet the new boss:
Robert Gates is a member of the Iraq Study Group, the bipartisan panel co-chaired by James Baker III and Lee Hamilton to develop a new strategy for Iraq. In Feb. 2005, Gates turned down an offer to serve as the Director of National Intelligence, the position now held by John Negroponte.

Same as the old boss:
The Associated Press reports that President Bush has accepted Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation.

We won't get fooled again by the likes of Bush cheerleaders like William "Billy-Bong" Kristol:
And the truth is, to win this war — and I have been a critic of Rumsfeld for a while, so some people can discount this — to win this war, it will be helpful to have a new secretaryy — no one man is indispensable, you know, and it will be helpful to have a new Secretary of Defense to give a new face to the war, to make the case to the American people, to work with Congress.

The DoD does not need a new face... It needs a new strategy that includes redeployment. Anythiong less than CHANGING THE COURSE, as Dems promised they would in the campaign, is just same BULLSHIT the Neocons sold unsuspecting Americans the first time around.

Dems have a "MANDATE"
and lots of "POLITICAL CAPITAL".

I am certain they will find some great ways to use it to stop the radical Bush agenda in it's tracks.

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