News Times: Citing Lieberman's "unquestioning support of the Bush war policies."

The Danbury News Times endorses Ned Lamont:
"In Tuesday's election, the Editorial Board endorses Ned Lamont.

From the start of his campaign, Lamont has been a confident candidate, sure of his message as an outsider, not intimidated by Lieberman's long experience in government.

Lieberman dismisses Lamont as someone who wouldn't be able to match his presence in the Senate. Lieberman summons the same attitude toward voters who disagree with him on the war.

The problem for Lieberman is that all of his experience, all of his knowledge, didn't help him recognize what the Bush war policies were doing and now American military personnel are in the middle of a civil war in Iraq.

If the most experienced members of Congress didn't exercise oversight responsibilities on Iraq, have they really earned re-election?

If elected, Lamont will have to learn the ways of Washington. But Washington would benefit from having new people who ask questions, who wonder why "business as usual" can't be challenged and changed.

Lamont served in town office in Greenwich and is a successful businessman. He has a social conscience that motivated him to do more than just make a donation to help poor students; he volunteered to teach a class of Bridgeport teenagers about business.

In a year when the voters must impose change on Washington, Ned Lamont is the better choice."

Vote Ned Lamont
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