Joe tells it like it is:

If there was ever any doubt that Joe is only in it for Joe:
Now that he's won re-election as a petitioning candidate, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is pledging to remain a Democrat, if for no other reason than to keep his 18 years' seniority in the Senate.

"I'll sign up with the caucus to protect my seniority," Lieberman said Wednesday. "My seniority is important to my ability to deliver for the state of Connecticut."

Ability to deliver exactly what Joe? Much needed cover for the lying Bush administration whenever every other Dem was exposing Bush fallacies? Get over yourself Joe.

Lieberman briefly joked about how the Republicans might coax him into joining the GOP, a switch that could keep the closely divided Senate under Republican control.

"There is a little playfulness in me that wants me to make a joke about that, but it's too serious. The answer is no," he said. "When I give my word I stick with it, and I am definitely going to organize with the Senate Democrats."

I wish that we had a Senator in which we could take his word at face value BUT the fact remains that Joe Lieberman said that he would only run for 3 terms in the Senate and here we are with him in his 4th term breaking that promise.

What a lying sack of Joe...

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