Joe's New Mantra on Iraq

"Git er done!"

No more "Stay the course!" for Joe Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman, who rebelled against his own Democratic Party to win back his U.S. Senate seat as an independent, pledged Wednesday to build bridges across party lines "to get things done."

"Git er done!"

"If we don't stop hating the people across the political aisle, how are we going to strengthen this country and get anything done?" Lieberman said to reporters.

"Git er done!"

Gary Rose, a professor of politics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, said he would be surprised if Lieberman took away any lessons from the election.

"I think he knows why he lost the Democratic primary, but I don't think it will condition how he acts," Rose said. "He was on the wrong side of the fence on the war but he went ahead and won the general election so I don't think he feels compelled to change that position." Nevertheless, when Congress returns for a lame duck session next week, Lieberman said he would focus on building a bipartisan coalition around the Iraq war. "Not to retreat from Iraq but urgently change what we are doing to get things done," he said.

UMMM??? Sounds more like:

"Stay the course!"

We warned Nutmeggers that a vote for Joe was a vote for the same incompetence that got us in this mess in the first place.

A new mantra for you Joe:


It is what Americans voted for.

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