As The Corporate Owned Media Spins

As the corporate media grasps at straws to try and defend the "conservatism" that owns them they completely disregard the facts. Media Matters puts the MSM's "disassembling" of the GOP talking point that the newly elected Dems are "conservatives" to rest:

Following are the findings of a Media Matters examination of the positions staked out by the 27 Democratic challengers on their campaign websites, in news reports, and in candidate questionnaires:

  • All 27 candidates support raising the minimum wage.

  • All 27 candidates advocate changing course in Iraq.

  • All 27 candidates oppose efforts to privatize Social Security.

  • Only two of the 27 candidates do not support embryonic stem cell research.

  • Only five of the 27 candidates describe themselves as "pro-life."

Does anyone in this group sound like any of the typical conservatives we have voted out of power?

America voted Liberal, or Progressive if that is what you prefer? And there is is no amount of lying by the GOP, or the DLC, or the corporate owned MSM that can change this fact. Americans knew what they were doing when they voted in this new bunch of Dems. They were voting for the left.

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