CT-04 The NRCC's Illegal Calls?

For the sake of getting this out fast this is just a cut'n'paste from Josh Marshall at TPM:

More of the scam calls from the NRCC, from TPM Reader PS ...

I was canvassing in Stamford, CT for Lamont and Farrel yesterday... some of the canvassers were talking about a nasty robocall hit on Farrell, which they said people at the doors had talked about. I didn't hear that at the door personally, but I wasn't focusing on the congressional race - i was talking about Lamont primarily.

Apparently the call starts with something along the lines of "Diane Farrell has some information for you," then pauses, waiting for annoyed people to hang up, and then delivers a negative message about Farrell. The canvassers say the call has hit some people as much as 6 times, and at 5 - 6am as well. Presumably, the intent is to annoy people and stick Farrell with the negative name ID as somebody who keeps robo-calling them.

We won't be able to get to the bottom of this operation until after Tuesday, which is the point. They'll happily pay the fines for breaking the federal regs on misidentifying calls.

-- Josh Marshall


fuzzyturtle said...
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fuzzyturtle said...

don't forget to vote!

as seen in Bethel on Route 6. No it's not my handiwork..but I have thought about it ... ;)


Connecticut Man1 said...

I have thought about things like that myself... But I would never do it.

The artwork does seem to catch her inner beuty...