Possiblity of Diebold Fraud in Memphis Just Multiplied by 12?

Diebold just isn't having a very good day today, is it?
TN-Sen: BREAKING - Diebold Fraud in Memphis!
Political insiders have expressed alarm after 12 voter smartcards have gone missing from one Shelby County, TN early vote location!
Someone possessing a smartcard could use 'off the shelf equipment' [equipment that reprograms the card] and alter it to be used multiple times, and cast multiple votes.

The Shelby County Board of Elections, looking to assauge local voters' fears, says:

"Don't worry, be happy! We're certain that none of the esteemed individuals with access to these cards could ever consider stealing votes... Not even the person that stole the cards." (Not a real quote... for those of you with no sense of humor!)

The main reason I am joking about this is because the original source of the story is Matt Drudge (the eggman) and his "Drudge Report" sometimes has "news"... But more often than not it is full of sensational tabloid junk, and GOP talking points that are either unsourced and unverifiable OR easily debunked by facts.

Picture George W. Bush with a "red and blue" police light on his head and you have an idea of what the Drudge Report is... lol

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