I was just going out the door about an hour ago (had to pick up the kids at day care) and just as I was leaving the phone rang. I pick it up and LO AND BEHOLD it is one of those nuisance ROBO-calls... The only thing worse than a ROBO-call is a ROBO-call telling me I should support Joe Lieberman. And that is exactly what it was.

Now we all know Joe is a nuissance so maybe his using ROBO-calls is kind of appropriate. It also suits the "Connecticut For Lieberman" party since there really is only one member (Joe Lieberman) and you can't expect Joe to have time for all of those Lobbyist meetings - where he gets all of the money to support his campaign - while he is doing all of that dialing.

Now all Joe has to do is figure out how to get the ROBO-dialer to call in the votes for him on the Senate floor (Just set it on "Bush" for more war, death and destruction) and Joe can spend ALL of his time collecting money from the rich Republicans that support him.

Come to think of it...
Isn't Joe kindof a "Bush-Bot" set on more war, death and destruction already?

Maybe the ROBO-dialer is actually Joe?

Additional evidence of my theory: The ROBO-dialer wouldn't answer any questions about Street Money and illegal use of Petty Cash either.

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