Your Friendly Lamont Weekend Planner

It is GOTV time! The final push to bring an end to unchecked power on Capitol Hill. A time to put an end to the rubberstamps and get them out of the hands of those Bush-bobble-head-yes-men.

It is time to CHANGE THE COURSE!

Since some candidates don't hire "volunteers" from out of state to work their GOTV effort, they rely on real Connecticut people like you to give your time and effort make this change real. I know what I will be doing this weekend.

Why don't YOU consider adding some of these events to your daily planner and make a real difference in fixing what is wrong in Washington.

1st CD events:

Sat. 9:30am: Canvassing in West Hartford

Sat. 9:30am: Canvassing in East Hartford

Sat. 10am: Canvassing in Bristol

Sun. 11:45am: Ned will attend a rally with Sen. Dodd and Rep. Larson in Rocky Hill

Sun. 1pm: Canvassing in 1st CD East

Sun. 4pm: 1st CD East GOTV Planning Meeting

2nd CD events:

Sat. 9am: Canvassing in Vernon

Sat 9:30am: Canvassing in Enfield

Sat. 9:30am: Canvassing in Madison

Sat. 10am: Canvassing in Waterford

Sun. 10am: Haddam Democrats Election Rally

Sun. 1pm: Canvassing in Enfield

Sun. 4pm: 2nd CD North GOTV Planning Meeting (Willimantic)

Sun. 5:30pm: Ned and Sen. Dodd will attend a Colchester DTC Dinner

Sun. 7:30pm: Enfield GOTV Planning Meeting

3rd CD events:

Sat. 9am: Canvassing in Fair Haven

Sat. 9am: Canvassing in West Haven

Sat. 11am: Canvassing in Ansonia

Sat. 2pm: Canvassing in Middletown

Sat. 6pm: Ned and Mayor DeStefano will hold a Town Hall in Milford

Sat. 7pm: "Stand Up for Change" Grand Finale Rally in New Haven

Sun 10am: Ned will attend a Derby DTC Brunch & Rally

Sun. 10:30am: Ned will attend an Ansonia DTC Brunch & Rally

Sun. 12pm: Canvassing in Middletown

Sun. 2pm: Canvassing in Fair Haven

Sun. 2pm: Canvassing in West Haven

Sun. 3pm: Ned, Sen. Dodd, and Rep. Larson will attend a fundraiser for O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown

Sun. 4pm: Ned will attend a Middletown DTC Rally

Sun. 7pm: Ned will attend a seniors candidate event in New Haven

Mon. 6pm: New Haven Area GOTV Planning Meeting

4th CD events:

Sat. 10am: Canvassing in Stamford/Knock and Rock with Black 47!

Sat. 1pm: Stand with Ned for Bridge Repair in Bridgeport

Sun. 1pm: Canvassing in Bridgeport

Sun. 1pm and 3pm: Canvassing in Norwalk

Sun. 7pm: 4th CD GOTV Planning Meeting

Mon. 6am: Flyer Hand-Out at Train Stations in Fairfield County

5th CD events:

Sat. 9am: Canvassing in Meriden

Sat. 9am: Canvassing in Waterbury

Sat. 10am: Canvassing in New Fairfield

Sat. 10am: Canvassing in Newtown

Sun. 12pm: Canvassing in Danbury

Sun 1:15pm: Ned and Sen. Dodd will attend a rally in New Britain

Sun. 6pm: Naugatuck Valley and Southern 5th CD GOTV Planning Meeting

Sun. 7pm: Bethel/ Danbury GOTV Planning Meeting

Sun. 7pm: Plainville GOTV Planning Meeting

Joe may pay his "Bloomberg team" better... But when you volunteer for Lamont you can end the day with your integrity and conscience intact.

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