Nancy Johnson & Jodi Rell: Dirty Little Secrets

Nancy Johnson has some dirty little secrets she doesn't want you to know about:

Nothing like screwing over the soldiers for a few extra bucks...

Jodi Rell has a dirty little secret that BOTH she and Nancy Johnson share:

Johnson spoke frequently Monday about her similarities with the popular Rell, and never uttered the word Republican.

"We're both street ladies," Johnson said of herself and Rell. "Street ladies aren't governed by parties. I never ran a problem by a political party to find a solution."

Yep! They are both Republicans... Funny but "Street Ladies" wasn't the term I was thinking of considering they are selling themselves to lobbyists everywhere. The only problem here is that these two "ladies" get the lobbyists' money, the corporations get the lucrative government contracts, and we get screwed out of our tax dollars...

Also another dirty little secret: Johnson and Rell never really have offered any good solutions... They, and their GOP, only create more problems.


fuzzyturtle said...

Johnson owes an apology to prostitutes everywhere.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I'd be happy if she just loses in the elections... And with the polls that came out yesterday she likely will.