The Courant's Premature Ejaculatory Ignorance

Bob Adams over at Connecticut Bob has a nice "screenshot" pic up from the Doh! biased Hartford Courant's Website supposedly testing their announcement of "Joe Liberman's win" in the Connecticut Senate race.

"TEST BULLETIN -- The following is a TEST. Joe Lieberman, CTL, elected U.S. Senate, Connecticut."

Take note of the tha name of the party they say backs Lieberman:


For the record: The name of the party that backs Lieberman is "CFL". (Connecticut For Lieberman)

Not only Does the Courant exhibit bad judgement in their choice of backing Lieberman, they exhibit extreme ignorance in their premature ejaculations as they gush over Lieberman. Someone please pass the Courant staff a tissue to clean the mess off of their faces...

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