A Badge of Honor For Every Honest CT Blogger!

All you have to do is get a few paragraphs into DANGERstein's twistwed tirade against the NY Times to notice the high praise he places upon all of us in the Connecticut's Left Blogtopia:
Instead, the Times’ ill-informed and tendentious endorsement of Ned Lamont reads as if the editors had outsourced the editorial writing to the same crew of blindingly angry bloggers who have teamed with the Lamont Campaign to twist Joe Lieberman’s record beyond all recognition.

If Joe Lieberman hadn't of done all that he has done to Connecticut, if he had done his job in the Senate, IF HE HAD DONE HIS JOB...

Well, maybe we wouldn't be stuck in Iraq. Maybe we would already have Healthcare. Maybe Senator Dodd's legislation to get more funding for troops armor would have passed. Maybe Unions wouldn't have consistantly lost ground to corporations. Maybe needed medication wouldn't be cheaper in Canada then it is here. Maybe we would still have the Constitution intact. Maybe the Democrats wouldn't have kicked his sorry butt to the curb.

And last but not least, Joe, maybe those of us who actually follow what you do, and understand the CORPORATE WHORE that you are, wouldn't be so blindingly angry about what you have done if you had been an honest politician and put Connecticut's interests ahead of corporations.

Though I am only slightly insulted to be equated with the likes of the lowly MSM, I am a blindingly angry Blogger. And it is a badge of honor that I will wear proudly knowing that I am not blind to your lies and distortions.

I am a blindingly angry Blogger, BUT I still have my integrity intact and because of that I am an honest and blindingly angry Blogger.

Something that no "LieberDem" could ever understand...

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