If it were really socialism..

Red State's Trike Force would be calling it communism. They never were the brightest bulbs in the bunch when it came to defining the opposition.

Just a liberal here - pretty darned moderate too - and damned proud of the fact that it has (almost) always put me on the moral high ground and the correct side of the political arguments.

Anyways and again for the slow learners on the wingnutty side of GOP/wrong:

Welcome to liberal America.

Whiny-assed right wing trike riders are welcome to take their brain farts to the all you can eat Cheetos buffet in the basement. But, for a change, please clean up your own damned messes when you leave?


Beach Bum said...

Watching Romney, Palin, or Huckabee speak is like watching a zombie flick. The undead mouthing decayed propaganda while the demographics of the country change around them.

Connecticut Man1 said...

They are wishing for 1980 and the rest of the country has moved on. Even their sainted Ronnie, the great debt accumulator, couldn't win for them today. The walking and talking political satire masquerading as leadership the GOP has right now is pretty darn pitiful.