Single Payer is NOT Socialism

Single-payer isn't socialism - March 5, 2009
B. Jason MacLurg, M.D. | Letter to the Editor | Seattle Post-Intelligencer
As a long-time Seattle physician, I was pleased that the P-I supports health care reform toward a single-payer system (Opinion, Wednesday). Most Americans now fully understand that our health care delivery system is too expensive, too complex, too fragmented and overwhelmingly frustrating. Although some still believe that America has the best health care in the world, the truth is that our reimbursement system is killing us.
To be honest... I would support socialism in health care - it is the only issue that I am in the left on big time. Well? That and the socialist military and police which we already have in the USA.

But I would truly be happy with a compromise between the liberal and conservative ideas and getting Single Payer for health care because it would be vastly superior to any of the for-profit insurance scams killing well over 18,000 Americans every year.

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