Interesting healthcare links

Mike's Blog Roundup at C&L has an interesting trio of heatlhcare diaries put together today.

"David Sirota: If private insurance is so awesome, why would it lose a competition with government health care?"

I like it. I could've told them that even if I had nothin' to do wit' dat one. :) He also has a bunch of other interesting things to link out to, as per usual.


Anonymous said...

Government in competition with private industry?

Government has the Monitoring/Regulating Agencies to put private industry OUT of their
competion as it is doing with the health care industry. Not Good. The Government's Regulating Agencies don't regulate themselves; thus, quality is substandard and cover ups are common place.

Connecticut Man1 said...

It is safe to assume you know very little about the failures of insurance companies and the thousands that die every year in the USA because of their crappy health denial service judging by the statement there. Even less about single payer.

Putting the for-profit "health" plan death dealers out of business is the best thing that could happen in this country.