Slacker Uprising

A message from Mike Moore:

During the 2004 presidential election and after Fahrenheit 9/11 came out, I went on a 62-city tour of battleground states in the month leading up to the election. In city after city, we had basketball arenas and concert halls full of slackers who were registering and pledging to vote for the first time in their lives. On tour, we were joined by musicians, comedians, former Bush administration diplomats, military families and Iraq war veterans. We were met by Bush supporters, protesters, and rich Republicans trying to pay off schools and college student to disinvite me to speak.

Our mission was to deliver the highest youth turnout in history and get W out of the White House. We were successful with the first part, but not the second. And that’s why were here. Four years later, the only way we will win this election is if we get the highest turnout ever of voters 18-29. There’s no way around it. It’s up to America’s youth.

This brings me to what I wanted to talk about tonight. At midnight tonight (about an hour) the first feature-length film ever to debut online for free online (and legally!). My new film “Slacker Uprising,” is a look back at our Slacker Uprising Tour and a look ahead to what we need to do to win this election. And I’m giving to you guys for free online so that you can use this film to rally voters, raise money, hold house parties, register friends and neighbors to vote, and do whatever you want with it. I’m giving this film to the Daily Kos community and like-minded people who will take this film and run.

You have my permission to download it, burn it, screen it, hold house parties and fundraisers around it. It’s your movie. It’s free. Take it and run. Getting slackers off the couch and into the voting booth is our only chance…

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