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From the NY Daily News, Stanley Crouch slaughters John McCain and all of the other Republicans that are desperately running from their own failures:

Still dripping but fully awake, the Republican Party, which we thought would live or die as a bull under the flag of deregulation, is now sanctimoniously asserting the importance of the federal government stepping in to save the little big men of corporate America.

Have they suddenly become those traitorous agents of big government they usually dismiss as misleading populists, socialists or those willing to take us almost into the laps of the inept Marxists in Russia or China?

Of course not, says John McCain, who has become one of the most remarkable embodiments of change we have ever seen. But McCain's actual version of change is that he has become a changeling.

McCain is now deserving of the nickname McChange or McChangeling. But there is a bit of tragedy there. It is never a pleasant experience to see a man sell himself out in unimaginable ways because of the enticement of power.

The McChangeling - See him change in this rare behind the scenes McCain campaign footage with his high as a kite campaign entourage:

The McCain campaign has gotta be trippin' if they think we are buying anything they are saying anymore?

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