Himes Tied with Shays

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How do things look for the last House Republican in New England? Not so good. This may be why he's been leading his ads with an image of Obama -- even as his statement just a couple weeks ago that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong" show that he really stands with McCain and the Republicans on the issues.

And as the collapsing financial markets show just how badly out of touch Shays' statement was, an internal poll from his challenger, Orange to Blue candidate Jim Himes show just how endangered Shays is.

The Feldman Group
for Himes for Congress, 9/17-18, 500 sample (don't know MoE, sorry)
  • Shays 45
  • Himes 45
    (Via email)
A tied race at this point bodes well for the challenger, especially with a strong Democratic presidential lead -- the same poll shows Obama leading McCain in the district, 56% to 33%. Himes still faces significant challenges, given the difficulty of advertising in a New York City media market, which is why every dollar counts.

But it's looking good for cleaning House in New England.

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Jim Himes for Congress

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With Obama likely to pull in a lot of extra votes for Democratic party politicians everywhere... Things are looking good for the Himes campaign.

[update] Via Scarce at MLN:
The Himes campaign have released results for CT-04 by Democratic pollster The Feldman Group.
The campaign's tracking poll, fielded September 17th and 18th, shows that Democratic challenger Jim Himes has pulled even with Republican Congressman Christopher Shays. Each candidate has 45 percent support. Additionally, their support is equally strong with 27 percent certain to support Himes and 28 percent certain to support Shays. An even contest six weeks before Election Day means that the contest now favors Himes.

Our last poll, shortly before the Democratic convention in August, showed Shays in the lead. In the interim, however, Democrats have moved decisively toward Himes to give him a 69 percent to 23 percent lead among registered Democrats. Additionally, independents, who remain a plurality in this district, now break almost evenly between the candidates, with 45 percent for Shays and 43 percent for Himes.

In a district notoriously difficult to communicate in due to the dominance of the New York City media market, familiarity with Himes has continued to climb. Now, 60 percent of voters say they are familiar with Himes, compared to 49 percent in August. Meanwhile, 36 percent of voters feel Chris Shays deserves re-election, while 46 percent believe someone else deserves a chance. Only 43 percent of voters believe he is doing a good job in Congress and only a third reject the description that he is too close to unpopular President George W. Bush while 44 percent believe that is at least partly true.

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Anonymous said...

Himes: find something to criticize about this!


Connecticut Man1 said...

If you right wingtards think the mortgages are the problem than I do feel pity for you because of your complete lack of understanding of this situation.

And the fact that Shays suggests Sarbanes-Oxly there has nothing to do with the Republicans repealing of Glass-Steigal that is one of the biggest reasons this happened.

Sub prime mortgages? A few hundred Billion in mortgages all together. A few trillion dollars of credit derivatives mixed up in all of the mortgage companies... With Countrywide being the worst of them all.

There are over 63 trillion dollars in credit derivatives out there in Corporate America that are going to fuck this country over.

And there isn't enough money in this country to pay it all off when it does.

A few chopped up quotes that have little to do with the real problem aren't going to help you or your candidate. Why?

Because everyone already knows who and what the problem is. And your little YouTube shows that you know nothing about the real problem.

Warren Buffett once called derivatives
"financial weapons of mass destruction"

Thank a republican for this mess with their "free market" BS and deregulation.