Dems Dumping Joe Neocon Lieberman?

They are talking about kicking Connecticut Junior Senator Joe neocon Lieberman to the curb tonight:
Connecticut Democrats are considering a bid to force Sen. Joe Lieberman out of the party for speaking at the Republicans' convention and backing GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

The party scheduled a debate Wednesday night on a resolution that would censure Lieberman and ask the veteran politician to resign from the Democratic Party.

Lieberman was re-elected to the Senate as an independent after losing the Democratic primary in 2006 to businessman Ned Lamont, but while he calls himself an "independent Democrat" in the Senate he remains a registered Democrat and has said he has no plans to change his affiliation.
According to the AP:
The state Democratic party has scheduled a debate tonight on a resolution that would censure Lieberman and ask him to resign from the Democratic Party.

One supporter of the resolution says Lieberman's GOP convention speech, in which he praised McCain and criticized Barack Obama, convinced her that state Democrats need to take a stand.
It is unclear if there is enough support to finally oust the neoconservative bush boot licker but at least they are finally talking about straightening out the Connecticut Democratic party.

[update] CT News Junkie has more on this... And CT Local Politics has nothing to say. (JK Genghis)

[update deux] Via the hard working CT News Junkie, it appears they left it at a "Censure" for now. Wasted opportunity to do the right thing.
“Good politics is not about me, it’s about we,” Blondin said explaining her decision to table the resolution.

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