Kucinich getting kicked for what?

We know that Kucinich is popular across the netroots for his his position on Iraq... So? WTF is this crap?
Iraq war veteran and short-time U.S. Senate candidate Paul Hackett tomorrow will announce his support for Rosemary Palmer, who's trying to move Dennis Kucinich out of Congress.

Palmer, running for the 10th Congressional District nomination, has a tough challenge, but if Hackett were to truly get involved, he might draw some attention for Palmer.

Palmer's 23-year-old son, Lance Cpl. Edward "Augie" Schroeder II, was killed in Iraq two years ago. A former teacher, Palmer says that Kucinich seems too preoccupied with his quest to become president to represent the district well.

Kicking Kucinich, one of the few real liberals left in the Democratic party, would be political suicide on the party's part.

I don't live in OH-10, but what the party does across the country reflects on every other candidate. Connecticut Dems and indies didn't work their asses off in an effort to ditch Joe neocon Lieberman in order to drag the Democratic party kicking and screaming that tiny amount to the left for the pleasure of watching the rest of the party in other parts of the country losing their effin' minds on right wing crack.

No offense to Palmer, but the Dems need more Kucinich type candidates. There is nothing controversial about Kucinich's Iraq position. Most Americans agree with it.

If this is the Democratic party's answer to all of the problems in Iraq, then this country is fucked. And so is the Dem party.

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