White House Refuses to Listen to America

And I mean that literally:

Jane Hamsher:

The dirty unwashed masses who populate our juries are fit to judge each other, but evidently not the ruling class. David Broder can breathe a sigh of relief that People Like Him are safe from those overly zealous US Attorneys who might want to hold them accountable to the same absurd standards that the little people must live by. How quaint.

The White House has turned off their phone lines. Evidently they don’t want to hear what you think. There will still be phones tomorrow, and I don’t imagine anyone who cared enough to drop Dubya a line is going to forget.

They have literally shut down the phone lines and refuse to listen to American citizens that are mad as fuck. (h/t Crooks and Liars)


sharon said...

Best. Headline. Ever.


Connecticut Man1 said...

Or the worst headline ever if you had ever hoped to see justice brought upon this criminal administration.

Beach Bum said...

I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the Mad Master Ferret and Darth Cheney will leave office untouched by justice. But despite the Ferret's opinion about history still being out for even a truly great man like George Washington, history already has a special place in the lower reaches of hell for Bush and his crowd.
I still believe in our principles and people and my best guess is that several years down the road as the slime seeps out into the light there will be great debates as how such a criminal and incompetent group ever got into office.

Connecticut Man1 said...

And that, Beach Bum, is why I am glad there is an entire Blogosphere out there documenting all of the things going on. It will make it easier for the historians to document exactly how bad things were.

This is the dawning of an age when it will be near impossible to rewrite history without all of its blemishes included.