Google Caught Doing Evil

Connecticut's own Politics in the Zeros Blog catches Google going against their "Don't be evil." motto:

They say this right on their Health Care blog in a post with the cutesy title, “Does negative press make you Sicko?“. Google is pitching that the health care industry buy ads from them whenever someone searches for “Sicko” or “Michael Moore, ” ads which will counter the message of Sicko.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding about which side Google is on

Moore’s film portrays the industry as money and marketing driven, and fails to show healthcare’s interest in patient well-being and care.

So all you health care advertisers, go spend your money at Google, combating the evil Michael Moore. We’ll have no criticizing of American health care.

This reminds of radical organizer Saul Alinsky’s dictum. “Pick a target and freeze it. The rats will crawl out to defend them, then you’ll know who your real enemy is.”

I wonder how well this diary (and Politics in the Zeros') will fare on a Google search for Sicko now? Google must hate the fact that they can't slip in any of their anti-citizen corporate addys here. heh

There is also an UPDATE over there worthy of all things bushy in the media these days...

[update] There is more to this story here:

Google Caught Doing More Evil

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