General Odom: Withdraw, Cut Funding, Impeach

That is the short version of what he was saying in the title there considering what steps may be needed to force bush to end the war. For the longer version there is this via AmericaBlog:
General Odom was the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) under Reagan (think "Minority Report," and you have the NSA). They're the super-duper secret spy agency that's way more top secret than even the CIA. This guy's credentials are beyond stellar. Here is an excerpt of his recent essay:

To force him to begin a withdrawal before then, the first step should be to rally the public by providing an honest and candid definition of what “supporting the troops” really means and pointing out who is and who is not supporting our troops at war. The next step should be a flat refusal to appropriate money for to be used in Iraq for anything but withdrawal operations with a clear deadline for completion.

The final step should be to put that president on notice that if ignores this legislative action and tries to extort Congress into providing funds by keeping U.S. forces in peril, impeachment proceeding will proceed in the House of Representatives. Such presidential behavior surely would constitute the “high crime” of squandering the lives of soldiers and Marines for his own personal interest.

Well? Time for step two... But I am willing to go straight for step 3 given that bush is already soooo guilty.


Unknown said...

NO steps! if ANYONE (anyone who is a congressperson that is) had a set, they would IMMEDIATELY start impeachment proceedings. no waiting, not even one more mili-second!

Beach Bum said...

Yeah, given all that Bush and company have pulled on the country anybody with balls in congress should have already started impeachment proceedings.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I agree with you both. But you have to remember that Odom is just giving his opinion on how to end the war. Not how to bring justice to a criminal administration.