Conservative Pundit on DC Madam's list

via ThinkProgress:
The prominent conservative pundit and lobbyist, Jack Burkman, was outed yesterday when it was revealed that his phone number “appears in the database of phone records of the ‘DC Madam.’” Previously, Wonkette reported allegations that Burkman may have solicited sex from a young woman who later blogged about it on MySpace.

But not too worry, he is a hypocritical GOP pundit and lobbyist with the money to pay for a Google Adword campaign to fight back against the truth...

Don't be evil, eh?

C&L has something up on Jack the John from 2006:
Remember June 16th, 2006? That’s when Burkman got exposed by a couple of girls on MySpace and posted Crooksandliars graphics of Jack to check him out. Her site is set to private now, but Wonkette still has some info…They called him a “CREEEEP”

Here is a money quote from Burkman on playing the victim card from Scarborough Country:
SCARBOROUGH: Jack Burkman, respond. Does the Republican National Committee have a hit list and is Mr. Clarke on the top of it?


And I‘ll tell you, he‘s learned from Clinton. He‘s already making himself out to be a victim. He‘s playing all the angles.

Too funny, considering Burkman is playing the "vast liberal conspiracy victim card" right now, and is "playing all the angles" himself.

And another money quote via Blue Girl, Red State:
Jack Burkman is the right-wing nutjob who said this: "[T]his issue [gay marriage] and the moral fabric of the country is five times as important as the war on terror and the war in Iraq combined... I mean, if Osama bin Laden thinks he can defeat the United States by knocking over buildings, he's crazy. But where we will fall and where we are falling as a civilization is from within."
Jack Burkman thinks he is the cause of the "falling as a civilization" since he does not respect the institution of marriage. We'll take his word on that one... And just remember who Jack Burkman worked for as a lobbyist:

Family Research Council Personnel:
  • Tony Perkins - President
  • Chuck Donovan - Executive Vice President
  • Tom McClusky - Vice President for Government Affairs
  • Paul Tripodi - Vice President for Administration
  • Charmaine Yoest - Vice President for Communications
  • Robert Morrison - Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Jack Burkman - former Family Research Council lobbyist
  • Robert Maginnis-former Vice President for Policy[30]
And yes... That would be the Dobson group associated with our own local hypocrites, the Family Institute of Connecticut. You know... The FIC Blog with the bloviating hypocrites and Liars that have, to this day, still refused to actually retract and amend their falsehoods. But what can you expect from those that claim religious persecution on many political arguments, but attempt to persecute those with different religious beliefs than theirs in their politics.


Blue Girl, Red State said...

Don't you love it when their Potemkin ethics are exposed?

Connecticut Man1 said...

Well... Yes I do. And... No I don't.

I wish that it didn't have to be this way all the time. Unfortunately, this is how low the political discourse bar has been set and about the only way to get some people in this country to wake the fuck up.

I'd take real ethics any day over what we have to work with in Washington now.