Another Senseless Death in Iraq

Via nolopro at MLN, a Connecticut soldier has been killed by an IED:
This guy was originally from Brookfield.

A 30-year-old Navy SEAL who was a Brookfield native was killed Friday by an improvised explosive device during a combat mission in Baghdad, military officials confirmed on Saturday.

Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Jason D. Lewis was one of three sailors killed by the bomb. Naval officials would not release any more details on how or where Lewis was killed or what the sailors were doing when the bomb exploded, citing security concerns.

He leaves behind a wife and three children. His wife is also originally from Brookfield. I can't imagine what she and her/his family is going through right now.
Neither can I. My heart goes out to them all.


This has got to end now!

A soldier getting blown up in a Hummer. Figure the odds that it was a Hummer with insufficient protective armor, unlike the V-boat hull style vehicles that are better equipped to deflect IEDs.

A major Pentagon supplier of V-shaped vehicles is 9-year-old Force Protection of Ladson, S.C. The Pentagon says the number of the company's Buffalo and Cougar V-shaped vehicles in Iraq is classified, but public records show the military has bought almost 300. That compares with more than 35,000 Humvees, the military's main multipurpose vehicle, in Iraq. The Buffalo vehicles cost $750,000 apiece, about five times the cost of an armored Humvee, which is smaller.

Force Protection says nobody inside a Buffalo has been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan despite encountering thousands of IED blasts.

Retired general Montgomery Meigs, head of the anti-IED organization, said the Buffalo's armor and shape make it "a lot more robust than the Humvee."

Humvees were never designed properly for battle and IEDs. They are useful for troop and supply transport at peace times and even in some policing actions, and the makers of the Humvee have tried to make them all-purpose vehicles. BUT it ain't working.

And Jason D. Lewis has payed the price of this failure with his life. Another senseless death in Iraq.

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