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They are producing the news you need to know. No advertising. No corporate or government underwriting. Just real News produced in the interests of the members that support them. People like YOU.

Dear members and friends,

Please visit our freshly redesigned website and watch our new video “The Promise”. It features journalists from around the world and will show you the exciting vision of The Real News taking shape.

Over the summer, The Real News Beta will test new formats and novel ways of delivering the news. We're building up to daily news coverage in the next few months and you can watch that process unfold.

They'll be new programming and new features on the site every day. Please let us know what you think and how we can do better.


Best wishes,

Paul Jay
Senior Editor, The Real News Network

Go on over and check out the news stories and interviews they have already produced while they do their BETA test.

Trust me on this. After years of information starvation from our news networks you will find a feast of intelligent reporting in the dozen or so stories they have already put up. Poke around in the sections telling you about what the Real News is about.

I guarantee You will be pleasantly surprised.

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