Lieberman Launches Another Attack on Reid And America

Joe neocon Lieberman launches another unprovoked attack on Harry Reid, and the rest of Americans that have their eyes wide open, on Bill Bennet's radio show:

"You know, Harry Reid said a while ago that the war in Iraq is lost. It's wrong. It's not lost. In fact, I would say we're beginning to win it. We've turned the tide with the new strategy. And in fact, I cannot conceive of a circumstance in which American forces would lose the war in Iraq, on the ground in Iraq. If we lose it, it's gonna be lost here at home, in a different kind of war for public opinion and political support."

Nevermind the fact that Harry Reid and the Democratic party have treated this spoiled neocon child with kid gloves for far too long. BUT, yet again, LIEberman is blaming America for JOE'S OWN CATASTROPHIC FAILURES. Just shut the fuck up LIEberman! You lying, incompetent, irresponsible, warmongering, sack of neoconservative shit.

Here is some death and destruction for you to jack off to, Joe:
The death toll from the weekend truck bomb in Northern Iraq has been revised and now stands at a staggering 170.

According to US media, that makes it the worst civilian death toll since the US-led invasion began.

One estimate puts the civilian death toll of the Iraq War at 655,000 - more than the amount killed in the last 8 years of the Vietnam War.

Not enough death for you to defile Joe? Have some more:
Just thought I would bring to your attention that we have surpassed another bloody milestone in that senseless war in Iraq: total casualties have now surpassed 30,000. That includes 3,598 young Americans killed, and 27,457 wounded.

Special thanks for the war's dead and wounded go to avowed pacifist war-mongerer Chris Shays and his sidekick joe Lieberman.

What a fucking sick, twisted and perverted mind you have, Joe neocon Lieberman. You know you love it Joe. You even want some more of it with Iran. You have an addiction to the death and destruction you create. And you will lie to feed your addiction.

And like every other addict... You blame everyone BUT yourself.

[update] John Amato at Crooks and Liars:
Bill Bennett is closer to home for Joe Lieberman than anyone else outside of Sean Hannity. Wake up CT! Time for a few protests outside his office.


sptmck said...

Not again!!!! He is like the hand at the end of "Carrie."

Connecticut Man1 said...

He'll keep doing it until he gets his way. If we are lucky his way is done.