Protest Bush in New London on May 23rd

Politics in the Zeros had the info up on this tonight:

A Proposal for Nation-Wide Protests
“Turn Up the Heat in 2007″

Here’s the first (of many to come)

Bush will be speaking at the graduation ceremony of the Coast Guard Academy on Wed. May 23rd. Join with students, soldiers and veterans, impeachment and anti-war activists to protest. Transportation is being organized regionally from Boston, Cape Cod, New Haven and New York City. ANSWERCT.org for more information.

And while we are discussing what some right wingers call "Impeachment Porn", CT Bob has a post up on Kucinich putting impeachment on cheney's table:

Even though he's a longshot candidate for president, Dennis Kucinich remains a dedicated congressman who works tirelessly to bring balance back to government. Kucinich has become the conscience of the Democratic party, and indeed, the House of Representatives.