One of these things is not like the others

When you look at this list of THE MOST CORRUPT POLITICIANS gathered by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) you might notice a theme:

The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Ok... One of these things is not like the 19 others.

It is Rick Renzi because the FBI has officially launched him into what I call the "Republican Scandal Club," a very large club indeed! In this day of modern conservatism it pretty much includes anyone in the GOP that has recently been found guilty of their favorite GOP crimes, and any of the others that have not been charged YET, but are neck deep in serious investigations.

Many of the names that are up there on that list, labeled by Crew as being so corrupt they are "Beyond DeLay" in their criminality, should finally get some kind of justice served since there is some (Dare I say it?) oversight in Washington now and , perhaps, because the GOP can not corrupt and politicize the officers of the FBI as easily as they have achived "GOP synthesis" in other government enitities. (See the DoJ, National parks, Homeland Security, etc.) Also, Doolittle jumped the credibility shark in the last week, setting up what could be an interesting California election fight, so it is really two of those things.

Anyways, according to a Roll Call report:

In a second blow to House Republicans this week, the FBI raided a business tied to the family of Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) Thursday afternoon as part of an ongoing investigation into the three-term lawmaker.

Details of the raid on Patriot Insurance Agency in Sonoita, Ariz., were not immediately available. Renzi’s most recent financial disclosure form lists the business as an asset belonging to his wife, Roberta, and valued at $1 million to $5 million.

Little is known about the inquiries into Renzi’s activities, but according to media reports the Justice Department has been running a two-track investigation into Renzi regarding a land deal, as well as a piece of legislation he helped steer that may have improperly benefited a major campaign contributor. It was not immediately clear which investigation the raid pertained to, and neither his attorney nor his spokesman could be immediately reached for comment.

As a result of the raid, Renzi is stepping down from his seat on the House Intelligence Committee, according to a statement from his office obtained Thursday evening by Roll Call.

“Today, the FBI came to my family’s business to obtain documents related to their investigation,” Renzi said. “I view these actions as the first step in bringing out the truth. Until this matter is resolved, I will take a leave of absence from the House Intelligence Committee. I intend to fully cooperate with this investigation.”

Does The Hill still think that the Democratic party is on the defensive going into the next election cycle like they stated last month? If they do, they haven't been paying attention to the real world consequences that have yet to be doled out to the most corrupt group of politicians either political party has ever assembled in the history of the US:

The modern day GOP.
Corrupt as corrupt can be.

I hope CREW is successful in their effort to help in nailing all 20 of those politicians if they are as guilty as they appear to be and regardless of their party affiliation. But it is pretty clear which side of the aisle the bulk of the corruption has and is coming from.

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