bush, Dems, Iraq WMDs and The Vast Right Wing Conspiracists

(H/T Stephen D at The Booman Tribune)

Ok... So now all of the big Blogs and Bloggers on the faaarrr right wing whakosphere edge are saying it is a vast conspiracy by George Bush and the Democratic party to hide the "fact" that all of those WMDs were found in Iraq.

Glen Greenwald gets the scoop here:
Melanie Phillips is a British neoconservative who has devoted herself to warning England that Muslims are taking over and destroying its culture. Her book, oh-so-cleverly titled Londonistan, warns of "the collapse of traditional British identity and accommodation of a particularly virulent form of multiculturalism."

She has described James Baker and Jimmy Carter as "the kept creatures of the Arab world" who "are intent on smoothing the path to Israel's destruction." She thinks global warming is a "con-trick" because everything is "well within the normal cyclical fluctuations in temperature from century to century." And on and on and on. Needless to say, she is a deeply admired figure in the world of Fox News and right-wing blogs.

But all of that is rendered moderate, restrained, sober and even sane by a new article she wrote for the British magazine, The Spectator (headline: I Found Saddam's WMD Bunkers), which claims that: (a) WMDs really were found in Iraq after the invasion, (b) they were located in vast underground bunkers (c) which contained "nuclear, chemical and biological materials", but (d) the U.S., through negligence, failed to secure those sites and, as a result, (e) the WMDs were stolen by The Terrorists and/or Syrian agents, who now have them and are actively plotting (along with China, Russia and North Korea) to use them against the West, but --

(f) because the Bush administration is so embarrassed by their failure to prevent the theft of all these dastardly weapons, and because Democrats are embarrassed by this discovery because it proves that Saddam really did have WMDs all along, they have all jointly created a vast conspiracy where they conceal the discovery of WMDs in order to cover up for their negligence.

You can head over and see what this is all about, but the fact that so many faaarrr right wingnuts are biting on this absurd conspiracy is telling of just how out of the mainstream these dangerously deranged people are. Greenwald also points out the fact that all of the right wingnuts conveniently forget to mention that the Republic party is involved in Melanie Phillips motherload of a conspiracy theory, as well as some other sad facts about the right wingnuts.

Some of the wacky wankers pushing this story of a vast conspiracy theory:

Instapundit (i.e., Glenn Reynolds)
Michelle Malkin
Pajamas Media
David Horowitz

I am wondering if these tweedledumbs and dees are expecting another two ton feather in their caps for the pajama wearing types' typical coverage of the ridiculous?

There is no vast conspiracy here, but this sure does expose the vast amount of empty space between the right wingnuts ears.

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