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Do you feel a draft in here?

From the Department of I Shit You Not and via The Marine Corps Times and the Army Times:
The Senate Armed Services Committee heard testimony Tuesday that increasing the size of the Army and Marine Corps may not resolve severe and growing personnel problems. There was even talk of returning to the draft to fill the ranks.[..]

"If the United States is going to have a significant component of its ground forces in Iraq over the next five, 10, 15 or 30 years, then the responsible course is for the president and those supporting this open-ended and escalated presence in Iraq to call for reinstating the draft."[..]
(H/T C&L)
Don't worry about it! I am sure there will be plenty of time for the milions of young Americans to get their last wills and testaments in order. If they haven't done it in time, JAG will surely help them out before they deploy. (I know the drill...)

[update] Raw Story has Rep. John Murtha on the draft:

Rep. John Murtha, a veteran of the U.S. Marines who served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, said that President George W. Bush cannot continue to carry out his current war plans in Iraq without starting a draft.

"The president asks the impossible and the burden continues to fall on the very few. The pressure must be taken off the current force and their families who have already sacrificed so much," said Murtha today to the Defense Appropriations subcommittee, which he chairs. "If the President insists on continuing the current operational tempo and policy, then he should call for a military draft. That is the responsible thing to do.”

Murtha's full statement, which was sent to RAW STORY, is provided below.

I am begining to think there may be a "Surge" in anti-war sentiment soon... Or, perhaps, a "Surge" in College applications if the draft laws aren't changed to share the burden a little more equally.


CT Bob said...

I've figured it all out!

The President will be able to fill the ranks of the military with all those partial-birth abortion babies his Supreme Court saved today.

That Bush...he's a clever one!

Connecticut Man 1 said...

At this rate we might be complimenting you on your foresight as the draftees in the year 2025 prepare for their deployment in the endless Iraq war.