Olberman On the 50 Yardline

From Salon via C&L:

Keith Olbermann will add a fifth voice to the studio on NBC's Sunday-night football highlights show in the fall, the network said Monday.

Bob Costas anchors the show, with Cris Collingsworth and now Olbermann as co-hosts. With Jerome Bettis and Tiki Barber as analysts, the former NFL players will outnumber Costas and Olbermann by 3-to-2.

Olbermann, who first became known as a host on ESPN's "Sportscenter," has shuffled between news and sports during his career. His "Countdown" show on MSNBC has been hot lately, with Olbermann drawing attention for commentaries taking on the Bush administration.

He talks sports regularly each weekday afternoon on former ESPN partner Dan Patrick's radio show.

I hope he does well with this move back into TV sports. Definately a notch above, and a little more politically centered, than the previous political pundit that rushed off of the telecast in an Imus moment.

The sad part about this is, in light of OxyRush's bigoted statements and his subsequent debachle, look for the far right wingnuts to scrutinize Keith's words syllable by syllable in an effort to discredit him and get him tossed from the show as retribution for the failure of one of their favorite bigots.


morty said...

I have to disagree. You might consider me one of those "far right wingnuts," but I still don't think Keith Olberman is any more politically centered than Rush Limbaugh. The truth is I can't stand either one, or any pundit for that matter. If Olberman wants to complain about the current government on his Countdown show, that's fine, but bringing his politics into his sports broadcasts (like The Dan Patrick Show) is unnessasery.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

Show me the comments that put KO in the opposite fringe thinking camp of Rush... Considering KO's record of calling out both the left and right for their spin, you'll have a tough time finding fringe statements that even come close to the typical "Halfrican American" statements of the far right wing radical Rush Limbaugh.

Good night and good luck! lol