Doolittle Officially Joins the Republican Scandal Club

The Hill has the "Randy Cunningham/Jack Abrahmoff/Brent Wilkes/Average Republican Politician" scandal coming back around and biting Rep. Doolittle in the ass:
The FBI searched the Virginia home of Rep. John Doolittle (R-Calif.) last Friday in its investigation into the ties of the congressman and his wife, Julie, to disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, according to law enforcement and other Congressional and K Street sources. […]

Doolittle has been under fire for paying his wife’s company, Sierra Dominion, a 15 percent commission on all contributions that the company raised for Doolittle’s campaign committee and leadership PAC. Her only other clients were Abramoff’s former firm, Greenberg Traurig; Abramoff’s former restaurant Signatures; and the Korea-U.S. Exchange Council, which Ed Buckham, a former chief of staff to ex-Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), created.

The Justice Department previously subpoenaed Julie Doolittle’s files.

Doolittle also received contributions from indicted defense contractor Brent Wilkes and his associates, and investigators are probing whether those contributions are linked to any official action Doolittle took to help Wilkes’s company obtain millions of dollars in government earmarks.

The National Republican Party has not commented on whether or not they will provide the traditional doughnut for Doolitle to sit on while he nurses his bitten corrupt ass.

Meanwhile, White House officials have been spotted sporting "up-armored Humvee kits" modified into diaperized ass-protectors in the hopes that they will not get bitten (with the added bonus of protecting their clothes when they repeatedly soil themselves) by further investigations, which might explain the continued shortage of propper protective gear for the front-line troops in the GWOT.

Needless to say... "Get yer popcorn while it's still hot!"

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