Veteran diagnosed with cancer- Wins the Lotto BUT

jim staro at Epluribus Media points to a problem a Veteran diagnosed with cancer has because the treatment he needs to have a chance at surviving costs about $400,000, but the fact that he won a million dollars in a NY Lotto "scrath'n'win" won't help him pay for treatment because they pay it out over 20 years.
Cancer Victim Wins $1 Million, but Can't Get It - :
"Miller says that the best option is for Schenk to get a court order telling the lottery to pay out his winnings to a financial institution or a medical facility. 'We're hopeful that we can help Mr. Schenk resolve this to his satisfaction.'

But Gallo says that he and Schenk approached several banks which turned them down and that hospitals are equally resistant. 'They have to pay their electricity, their doctors — they have to pay those bills today — they can't wait 20 years for their money.'

They've also been in discussions with several buyout firms, which would pay $467,000 to buy Schenk's ticket. But after taxes, that amount would be reduced by almost half.

'Why won't someone help out?' asks Gallo. 'Wouldn't this be a great story — with great publicity — veteran who has cancer wins money to save his life?'"

As jim staro puts it:
Well New Yorkers, you have what finally sounds like an Activist Governor, after all these years, hit him and the legislature with jammed lines!

Tou anyone next door to us Nutmeggers in NY state that might catch a read of this... Do something to help a Veteran.


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