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Afghanistan leads again in heroin production - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics:
"Afghanistan has re-emerged since the U.S.-led war as the world's leading source country for opium and heroin — rapidly returning to levels of the 1990s, when it produced about 70 percent of the world's illicit opium supply, a U.N. report says. "

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New Milford Drug Rehab New Milford,Connecticut Drug Rehab Treatment Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centers:
"Sources Drug Situation: Heroin has now equaled crack cocaine as the greatest drug threat in Connecticut. Heroin is a significant problem in the suburban areas of the state as well as the urban areas. Located between the drug distribution centers of New York and Boston, Connecticut is an important transit and destination area for drugs. Interstate 95, the major north-south route on the East Coast, extends along Connecticut’s southern shore through Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven, and New London. It connects New York City with Boston and continues to the U.S.-Canada border. Interstate 91 extends from New Haven north to Massachusetts, Vermont and the U.S.-Canada border. These interstates intersect in New Haven and form what is known by law enforcement as the New England Pipeline.


Heroin: Demand for heroin is increasing dramatically in Connecticut. It is easily accessible selling at remarkably low prices and high-purity levels (an average of 70-80% purity by DEA laboratories.) Abuse remains widespread, affecting both suburban and urban areas. Hispanics, specifically Dominican groups are largely responsible for the street distribution of heroin in Connecticut. Colombian and Dominican narcotics traffickers are the primary suppliers of high-quality heroin to the street dealers. Dominican violators usually acting on behalf of Colombian traffickers, serve as mid-level heroin distributors. The heroin is primarily being transported into CT from New York City, usually entering the region via one of the major interstates, in automobiles equipped with hidden hydraulic compartments or “traps.” Throughout New Haven, CT, the demand for heroin in varying sizes and amounts is ever present. Up until recently, the heroin was readily available in pre-packaged bags stamped with logos. Lately, however, bags of heroin have been seized without any logos or markings."

But it has it has a long road to travel before it hits the local streets:

Sibel Edmonds wrote a fantastic White Paper recently called "The Highjacking of a Nation- Part 2" which basically laid out the facts of her case for all to see.

In a chapter titled "The Real Lords of the Poppy Fields" she noted that

  1. most of Afghanistan's heroin & opium is processed and trafficked through Turkey
  2. "Heroin trafficking is also the main source of funding for the al-Qaeda terrorists "
  3. Turkey is a haven for (Al Qaeda’s) sources of funding.

Sibel then notes that
"It is puzzling to observe that in reporting this major artery (Turkey) of terrorists’ funding, the U.S. mainstream media and political machine do not dare to go beyond the poppy fields of Afghanistan and the fairly insignificant low level Afghan warlords overseeing the crops."

I was therefore curious to see how the World Bank's recent report on the heroin industry would deal with Turkey's role - particularly given that Paul Wolfowitz and most of the other neocons have substantial financial incentives in supporting Turkey.

The dog didn't bark. Again.

Read on here.

I highly reccomend you read both Lukery and both part 1 and 2 of Sibel Edmonds pieces to get a clearer picture.

Stuff like this makes me wonder why the Bush administration is sacking all of those State Attorney's across the nation (The Gonzales 7, or 11 if you can find them all?) saying things like: "They don't chase after illegal aliens enough!" Looking at some of their records you might see some interesting drug trafficking prosecutions.

Humberto Garcia:
June 15, 2005

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SAN JUAN (EFE) -- A grand jury indicted 81 people of different nationalities, including Colombians, Dominicans, and Puerto Ricans who allegedly participated in drug-trafficking and money-laundering activities, U.S. District Attorney for Puerto Rico Humberto Garcia said Tuesday.

In the so-called Operation Malloca, 39 people were arrested after a U.S. grand jury issued the indictments of nine drug organizations linked to the Colombia cartel, Garcia said.

He noted that eight of them were Puerto Rican, 16 were Colombian, and 13 Dominican. The group also included two individuals from Cuba and Costa Rica, respectively.

Garcia added that the indictment doesn't include people who will also be arrested in New York and Canada.
Drug Enforcement Administration agents are expected to participate in the operation.

The district attorney said these groups funneled money from Puerto Rico, Florida, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic into international and domestic accounts in the U.S., Colombia, and Venezuela.

Garcia also said these groups face 10 years to life in prison and a fine of up to $4 million.

I am not saying that this is proof, but it might be interesting to see where any recent Heroin busts might lead to concerbning these bush appointments. Think about it. It might all be the tip of the iceberg in another Iran-contra "drugs, money, weapons" circle-jerk that the GOP, and Neocons in particular, seem to love so much.

AND YES! I know! Conspiracy theory stuff. But these are the Neocons we are talking about, after all. And this is exactly the sort of thing Sibel Edmonds has been trying to warn us all about all along.

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